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In the US, 29% of married adults over 44 reported being lonely, says a 2010 national survey.

Rewards for a high intensity work ethic can make the source of the problem harder to recognize.

Some couples are more technical or scientific in their thinking, education, and background. They may not have adopted ways to open up to each other from their family of origin.

Each person becomes more vulnerable to depression and less able to offer the playfulness and enjoyment that both crave.

You don’t want to give up hope of feeling happier together. But meanwhile, things feel terribly sad and lonely.

Fortunate couples realize they need to take up the hard work of rebuilding the connection.

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When I’m home I’m safe.” This is an important goal.The first step in turning a lonely relationship around is to gently look at the situation within.

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When this happens, it takes a toll on individual mental and physical health.Lonely couples may appear normal to the outside world.One may be busy on the computer or out in the shed.But as work, family and life routines take over, the relationship does not get the attention it did during dating.Sometimes partners are unaware that the relationship still needs special care and attention.The number of married people who suffer loneliness may surprise you.